What are we missing?

If I weren’t going slow, in the early quiet of the day, I would have missed it. I would have not heard that sound.

IMG_1409A few weeks ago after an unexpectedly large snowfall, I went outside in the quiet of the morning to walk my yappy little dog. Brody was tired of being trapped inside for so many hours. We were moving along at a snail’s pace because he likes to smell and sprinkle on every other blade of grass {and those were hard to find}. With my quads sore from snow day workouts, I decided to stretch a bit to accommodate Brody’s lack of speed. I bent over to put my nose as near to my knees as I can get….pause….what is that little sound? It is something I couldn’t identify. I looked around to see where the sound is coming from– the ground. The sound I hear is similar to the beach when little shells are popping air bubbles as they sink deeper into the sand. It is the SNOW! ┬áThe snow is making a sound as it enters the earth. HOW COOL IS THAT?! We walk a few more feet and I listen again. Whether I am on the gravel driveway or the grass, the sound is the same. The earth is receiving the snow drop by drop. I can’t really see it, but I know it is happening. What a beautiful sound!

If I weren’t going slow, in the early quiet of the day, I would have missed it. If I weren’t going at a pace that was placed on me by my little four-legged friend, I would have not heard that sound or thought about how God allows the snow to penetrate the earth. He has not overlooked one detail.

IMG_5195 2What are we missing because our pace is too swift? What are we missing because we are pushing whomever we are with to move along …..faster. Whether a four-legged friend, a two-year-old or an 82-year-old, let’s consider the slower pace of a snow day. Let’s work hard to be intentionally slower to match the pace of the slowest around. What a challenge!

Perhaps we will be lucky enough to discover a new sound of joy. One we must be still and quiet to discover.

In a Spirit of Hope,