What are we missing?

If I weren’t going slow, in the early quiet of the day, I would have missed it. I would have not heard that sound.

IMG_1409A few weeks ago after an unexpectedly large snowfall, I went outside in the quiet of the morning to walk my yappy little dog. Brody was tired of being trapped inside for so many hours. We were moving along at a snail’s pace because he likes to smell and sprinkle on every other blade of grass {and those were hard to find}. With my quads sore from snow day workouts, I decided to stretch a bit to accommodate Brody’s lack of speed. I bent over to put my nose as near to my knees as I can get….pause….what is that little sound? It is something I couldn’t identify. I looked around to see where the sound is coming from– the ground. The sound I hear is similar to the beach when little shells are popping air bubbles as they sink deeper into the sand. It is the SNOW!  The snow is making a sound as it enters the earth. HOW COOL IS THAT?! We walk a few more feet and I listen again. Whether I am on the gravel driveway or the grass, the sound is the same. The earth is receiving the snow drop by drop. I can’t really see it, but I know it is happening. What a beautiful sound!

If I weren’t going slow, in the early quiet of the day, I would have missed it. If I weren’t going at a pace that was placed on me by my little four-legged friend, I would have not heard that sound or thought about how God allows the snow to penetrate the earth. He has not overlooked one detail.

IMG_5195 2What are we missing because our pace is too swift? What are we missing because we are pushing whomever we are with to move along …..faster. Whether a four-legged friend, a two-year-old or an 82-year-old, let’s consider the slower pace of a snow day. Let’s work hard to be intentionally slower to match the pace of the slowest around. What a challenge!

Perhaps we will be lucky enough to discover a new sound of joy. One we must be still and quiet to discover.

In a Spirit of Hope,




9 thoughts on “What are we missing?

  1. Bonnie, I loved this reminder to slow down. We’ve been reading a lot lately about the crazy pace that we tend to keep in this modern world and I just can’t believe that is what we were created for. Seems like there is much more “be still” in the Bible than “hurry up.” Thanks for this, and be blessed!

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  2. Thank you for sharing! My mom was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and I’ve found that I’ve had to slow my pace to walk with her when we’re out and about. Maybe God has something for us to experience or hear through this. Please pray that mom, who is always on the go, will see, hear and experience God’s little miracles as she slows her pace of life, and the rest if us too, as we’re walking this path with her. Thank you!

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    1. It seems like rush, rush, rush and then when I am with my mom and dad: STOP, slow the pace and remember that moment’s are few and I must seize those that remain. Praying for you all as you adapt to these circumstances and look for the little gifts each day brings.


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