Jesus at the Center

Today is a day for celebration! I have finally got this blog off the ground. That may seem like no particular challenge to many people. And I have been prompted repeatedly to get on it since December, 2013. One of my spirit-filled friends, Pam Rimer, even told me in a message delivered while we were at Levine Children’s Hospital:

“Prayers continuing for Matthew and all of you. Hope you are journaling thru all of this. God impressed something on my heart to tell you when you are on the other side of this. We will talk soon. Take care of your boy as only a mom can do. Claiming total and complete healing. To God. be the glory. When you don’t know what else to do….. stand.”

Reading Pam’s words and reflecting on all God is doing in the life of His children, I do STAND… continually amazed. A resonating message may speak to you too. It isn’t about every roadblock the devil placed in my life to keep me from blogging, but then again, it may be.

A sermon about the 7 Deadly Sins (Proverbs 6:16) fell on my ears and my notes of repentance at the end say this: “The only way to address our sin is to put Jesus at the center”. We cannot save ourselves. Abandon our sin and follow Him! Follow Jesus. Accept His gift. Allow him to cleanse whatever acts of denial that exist in our lives.

With those thoughts percolating over days, Psalm 51:17 draws me deeper:
The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart O God. (NLT)

God wants us when things go wrong. I want to look to Him and commit every day to Him, but He desires us in the brokenness to become closer to Him. He will not reject us when we are truly repentant. Move anything that becomes the center except Jesus. Actually protect the center. Whatever would threaten the center (Jesus’) place in my life, have nothing to do with it. And I list a few things that I need to eradicate from my life. I pray: Lord, help me to protect my relationship with you and turn away from anything that would endanger it or take away from it. Well that up strong in me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Listen in here:

Jesus at the Center – Israel & New Breed

My road to the start this blog went on a 3 YEAR DELAY. There were crazy, unexplainable roadblocks, obstacles and just plain disobedience to overcome. The last series of these mini-battles were waded through with the help of good friends. And the question hangs: What things is God asking you to rearrange, minimize or eradicate to keep Him at the center of your life? What obstacles are in your way and which of your God-given friends may help?

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